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The following is a collection of achievements for the game Dark Train. There are 16 available achievements.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Kérka.jpg "Kérka" The best tattoo in the Border city.
Ann are you ok.jpg Ann are you ok? Leave the city and pass the baton!
Baron Abnormitron.jpg Baron Abnormitron Destroy the factories to manufacture Panzer-Abnormotrons.
Come out! Whoever you are.jpg Come out! Whoever you are? Obtain everything you need for hatching the egg.
Fixed by speed of lightning!.jpg Fixed by speed of lightning! Don't let the Panzer-Ritter wait for long.
Help the fire department..jpg Help the fire department. Fortunately! The train goes around!
Nimrod.jpg Nimrod Find all the neon signs of Abnormitrons. (secret)
No delay !.jpg No delay ! Do not be bothered on the rails.
On the top of city.jpg On the top of city Help chimney sweeper get into the Cathedral.
Rememoried.jpg Rememoried Find a room you will never forget. (secret)
Tamago!.jpg Tamago! Use the Inventory as an Incubator.
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for the squid.jpg That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for the squid Don't let inventory arm catch the Moon in less then 30 sec.
The couple.jpg The couple Find hideout in the right place. (secret)
The first power plant..jpg The first power plant. Find the source of electricity. (secret)
Water flail..jpg Water flail. Find the neon sign of firefighters. (secret)
What is behind blue eyes.jpg What is behind blue eyes? Find and read the contents of all blueprints.